October 10, 2020

Rodolphe Loubatière & Bonnie Jones interpret a score by Ryoko Akama.

“Grey (gray)” (2020) __/ A composition by Ryoko Akama (JP/UK)

Bonnie Jones (US) : electronic
Rodolphe Loubatière (F/CH) : snare drum
Ryoko Akama’s scores are spaces offered to the musicians, where abstraction takes form. Once again she proposes a reflection on the grey, on the color without colors, on subtle shifts of perception. Bonnie Jones and Rodolphe Loubatière both explore on their own that « hyperspace » born in distance. Through Bonnie’s circuits and wires and on skin surface for Rodolphe, it suddenly shape itself in our ears. This trio manages to balance concept and sensitivity of raw material, in a long electrocoustic-improvisation/music format.

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Insub.distances – a project by Insub.asso & Insub.records – 2020
Supported by : Prohelvetia (“Close distance” programm) / Fondation Suisa / Fondation Nicati-De Luze

From september until decembre 2020, INSUB. curates the Insub.distances project. It invited eight composers from the experimental scene to write original scores. These compositions were interpreted by 8 duos of musicians fully separated. The pieces, recorded & filmed, and broadcast online only investigate the issues of proximity and distance in a context where artistic mobility is turned obsolete by the current crisis, highlighting the need to create and exchange, beyond masks and closed borders. The 8 de-materialized performances that will be published one every two weeks, in video & audio formats, alongside interviews in which the musical, technical, contextual and personal aspects of the performers’ work are discussed. This de-materialized proposition explores virtuality as a palliative during the current situation – but also its limits by a crude montage which underlines the separation between the performers. The simplicity of the set-up ultimately reinforces the power of the music : tender and subtle counterpoints are found side by side to interwoven humming voices, explosive bursts, pulsations, meticulous explorations, resonance activations & ethereal harmonies…

10.09 Michael Pisaro-Liu ~ d’incise & Philippe Lauzier
24.09 Annette Schmucki ~ Antoine Läng & Myriam Pruvot
08.10 Ryoko Akama ~ Rodolphe Loubatière & Bonnie Jones
22.10 Jacques Demierre ~ Raphael Ortis & Camille Emaille
05.11 Clara de Asís ~ Violeta Motta & Cristián Alvear
19.11 Christian Wolfarth ~ Alexandra Bellon & Alexis Degrenier
03.12 Sarah Hennies ~ Cyril Bondi & Mike Majkowski
17.12 Jürg Frey ~ Anouck Genthon & Pierre-Yves Martel