Chris Cogburn, Percussion
Bonnie Jones, Electronics, Mic
Liz Tonne, Voice

Liz, Chris and I first worked together at the No Idea Festival in Austin Texas. We’ve since performed at the Fusebox Festival and the University of Toronto.  Recordings: “place where trees stand in the water” LP on Simple Geometry



Joe Foster, trumpet, digital delay pedal, electronics
Bonnie Jones, digital delay pedal, microphones

English formed in Seoul South Korea in 2004. The duo has performed in the US and Asia at the ErstQuake Festival, Wesleyan University, Kid Ailack Hall and more. RecordingsErstwhile “One Day” / English & Toshimaru NakamuraCopula: Full length & double 3″ CDrs

Chris Cogburn, Bonnie Jones & Bhob Rainey


Chris Cogburn, Percussion
Bonnie Jones, Electronics, Mic
Bhob Rainey, Soprano Saxophone

Chris, Bhob and I met up first at No Idea Festival in Austin, TX where we performed together for the first time. Arena Ladridos is comprised of live recordings from performances in Marfa and Austin Texas. Recordings: Arena Ladridos, Another Timbre, at35

Bonnie Jones & Andrea Neumann

Goethe-Institut Boston, September 28, 2010 (photo: Susanna Bolle)

Bonnie Jones, electronics, mics, cassettes, field recordings
Andrea Neumann, inside piano

Andrea and I have been collaborating since 2007 when we met at the Seattle Improvised Music Festival. Since then we’ve performed together in the US and Europe. Recordings: green just as I could see, Erstwhile 065

Andy Hayleck & Bonnie Jones


Andy Hayleck, electronics, computer, gong
Bonnie Jones, electronics, microphones

Andy and I started our collaboration in 2002 working with Baltimore musicians such as Catherine Pancake, Dan Breen, and others. Recordings: Self Released CDr