And if I live a thousand lives I hope to remember one

And if I live a thousand lives I hope to remember one was commissioned for EVENING WILL COME: A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF POETICS (THE ART OF LOSING—ISSUE 58, OCTOBER 2015, curated by John Melillo and Johanna Skibsrud

tdk_ec6mThe piece is constructed by manipulating in live performances a cassette player and a TDK EC-6M 6 minute looping cassette tape. The cassette player is used during the performance to create feedback by indiscriminately pressing the player’s controls (record, stop, forward, rewind). These six minutes are a recombinant document of numerous live performances over the past several years where I recorded, re-recorded, and erased the sounds of audio tape feedback, myself and other musicians.

Listen the piece here:

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