Photo: Dani Restack

I’ve always been interested in complex identities and experiences, fascinated by contradictions and what takes place in the in-between, in these moments where knowledge and possibility are transferrable from one object to another. What we cannot define, or struggle to define becomes the source of what is possible.

My creative work engages different mediums—performance, poetry, music, theater, and video. Partly from a restless and contrarian nature and partly from a desire to pressure test the ways different mediums can express that slippery intangible space of meaning making, I choose materials and forms that create tension and contradiction, harsh electronic noise with highly produced pop music, conversational language with poetry, shortwave radio transmissions with electronic pure sine tones, silver bowls, and trash. My performances and artworks often bring audiences into unfamiliar sonic territories and complicated spaces of negotiation.

Based on my committed practice of creative improvisation and collaboration, my compositional approach privileges fluidity, chance, and unconventional structures. The sounds and objects I use become embedded in my practice and I develop an intimacy with the materials by working with them repeatedly in different performances and projects.

I like to think that my work tells the stories that objects would tell if they could. The story of a silver bowl. The autobiography of a sound. The history of a word. I create environments and imaginary places using sound, text, and performance where everything is an autonomous actor—from the smallest sounds to the fleeting memory to the personal identity. At times, these stories are a layered cacophony of voices, other times an object aria, clear and direct.

  • January 2018