MAY 2008 Shows

May 22nd, 2008, STEIM Local Stop Concert, Amsterdam

Bonnie Jones & Andy Hayleck, Alessandro Bossetti, Hans Koch, Audrey Chen & Robert von Heumen

Andy Hayleck and I will be in residency at STEIM from May 11 – 24th.

May 26, 2008, l a b o r s o n o r @KuLe, Berlin-Mitte.
Bonnie Jones – electronics
Magda Mayas – piano
Christof Kurzmann – g3
Andy Hayleck – saw, cymbals, electronics
“about the aboutness of being about”
Alessandro Bosetti + Christian Kesten + mask mirror

May 28, 2008, Ausland, Berlin,

Behaviour Bending
A collaborative concert proposal by sound artists Andy Hayleck, Bonnie Jones and Alessandro Bosetti
Teil I: Mask/Mirror
Alessandro Bosetti (Berlin/USA)
Solo für Stimme und Elektronik
Teil II: Duet
Bonnie Jones (Baltimore/USA) – Circuit Bending
Andy Hayleck (Baltimore/USA) – Analogue/Digital Patching
Teil III: Trio
Duet versus Mask/Mirror

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