JANUARY 2009 Shows

January 4th, Load of Fun, 2pm, Free, coffee & cakes. North Ave, Baltimore, MD

Ric Royer’s The Weather Not The Weather, a serial poem, was released
Dec. 14 by Outside Voices Press. Cover and internal design by Justin
Sirois of Narrow House.

I will be reading with “The Bbbbbbbb Writing Group” (starring Megan McShea, Rupert Wondolowski, and Bonnie Jones).

*** This will also be a sneak peek at the new theatre space that is being constructed at load of fun***

January 22, The Hexagon, 9pm, $5. 1825 N. Charles Street. Baltimore, MD


Steve Bradley, bunny & chick, Andy Hayleck, Bonnie Jones, and David Kim-Boyle.

January 24, Red Room, 8:30pm, $6. 31st Street, Baltimore, MD.

Bonnie Jones / Gust Burns / Gregory Reynolds

January 31, StudioSeries, Studio34, 8pm. Philadelphia, PA
Organized by Nicole Bindler

Carolyn Merritt – tango
Bonnie Jones/Liza Clark – movement/sound/text
Sara Yassky – dance
Ashley Deekus – percussion
PIMA Group – music/dance
Michelle Stortz – dance

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