OCTOBER 2009 Shows

January 22, The Hexagon, 9pm, $5. 1825 N. Charles Street. Baltimore, MD

October 11th, 10:00pm, St. Mark’s Church/Ontological-Hysteric Theater, 131 E. 10th St. & 2nd Ave, Experimental Music Series curated by Travis Just.

Helmholtz Reading Room
A new collaboration by Bonnie Jones & Sean Meehan

A exploration of and meditation on imagined aural and textual spaces mediated through Hermann von Helmholtz’s “On The Sensations Of Tone As A Physiological Basis For The Theory Of Music.” Includes: C10 tape cassettes and tape players, recorded soundtracks of text, percussion, and electronics, live text and voice, and nice refreshments!

October 18th, 3:00pm, DCAC , 2438 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC – In Your Ear Reading Series by DC Poetry. With Cathy Eisenhower, Jamey Jones.

October 22nd, 8:00pm, UMBC Fine Arts Recital Hall, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250. Presented by the UMBC Department of Music’s TNT series.8-10 pm, Fine Arts Recital Hall. UMBC, $7 general admission, $3 seniors, free for students, free with a UMBC ID. Tickets will also be available at the door (cash or check only).  More info

Part I
John Berndt – solo alto saxophone

Part II
Second Nature (The Improvising Orchestra)
with Jeff Carey, Katt Hernandez, Susan Alcorn, Liz Meredith, Rose Burt, Sam Burt, Mike Muniak, Tiffany Defoe, Owen Gardner, Paul Neidhardt, Bonnie Jones and Andrew Hayleck.

SECOND NATURE, a one of a kind 20-person improvising orchestra directed by John Berndt, confronts “the research frontier of improvised music” directly: the large group.  SECOND NATURE uses highly specialized practice methodologies to open up new possibilities of large group improvisation, taking advantage of untapped possibilities for spontaneous ‘composition,’ for more varied forms of interaction than the ‘blow outs’ which often characterize large Jam sessions. The music is orchestral in power and range, but contains highly evocative musical content that could be generated in no other way.

October 24th, 8:00pm, LOF/t, “50 Greatest Ladies & Gentleman” by Ric Royer. With Lucas Crane, Jackie Milad, Chris Ferrerra & Bonnie Jones,  120 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD.  In this installment of Performance Thanatology’s ongoing research in death and performance, a solitary figure performs all his old songs and dances despite the loss of his partner, the loss of his dancing shoes, and the loss of his teeth.  Somewhere between Krapp’s Last Tape and Artaud’s Spurt of Blood, this is what really became of vaudeville.

The Performance Thanatology is a group of artists dedicated to the advancement of a higher histrionics brought on by imminent finalities. The work of the group is gone about with great fear. Fear of death and all of its entropically related phenomena motivates the group to present themselves in an exhibition of interdisciplinary hysterics. For more info on Performance Thanatology: http://www.ricroyer.com

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