JUNE 2010 Shows

June 26, 2010 / Noise! 2010

Ontological Theater
St. Mark’s Church
131 E. 10th St.
Manhattan, NY

Curated/Organized by: Tianna Kennedy, Danny Snelson, Caspar Stracke

Noise! 2010 is a one-day, marathon event, featuring a staggering array of artists and works including performance, sound, moving image, language, and culinary craft.

Tickets are cash-only at the door.
Full event = $30
Noon – 10 p.m. (including dinner & Parish Hall performances)
Partial event = $10 – $15 sliding scale.
Noon – 8 p.m. (Black box only)

This year, curators Caspar Stracke, Danny Snelson, and Tianna Kennedy contribute an exciting and expansive approach to the event’s theme—mapping signal innovation, distortion, and destruction from the historical avant-garde to contemporary media art practitioners.

Noise! 2010 will mark the conclusion of free103point9’s organizational residence at the Ontological; join us on Saturday, June 26 to celebrate what has been an extraordinary partnership since 2006.

(in order of appearance)

[In the Black Box Theater]

Film/Video Works by:
Viking Eggeling
Paul Sharits
Rose Lowder

Live Performances by:
Bruce McClure
Kevin Medal
Ric Royer and G. Lucas Crane
Jeremy JF Thompson and Mashinka Firunts
Bonnie Jones
Jena Osman
AMJ Crawford
Nectar Bats – Chris Balint and John Bowman
DUBKNOWDUB – STO and Eli Lehrhoff
Falopian Groove
Kamran Sadeghi
Zach Layton
David Linton
Judd Morrissey & Mark Jeffery
C. Spencer Yeh
cris cheek
Patience Dalessi
Ed Bear
Sebastián Patané Masuelli
Eddie Hopely
Gregory Laynor
Diana Hamilton
J. Gordon Faylor
Steve Zultanski

[Downstairs in the Parish Hall]

Performances by:
Ian Page

Dinner with/by:
Andes Sprouts Society
Able Brown & Casey Farnum
Forrest Gillespie
Dylan Gauthier
Nsumi Collective
Ben Flanner / Brooklyn Grange

Works on Paper by:
Matt Volla

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