MARCH / APRIL 2011 Shows

March 29, New Music Collective: Fixed Media III, Charleston, SC
8pm | pay-what-you-can

I have a short text video in the program featuring works by Robert Ashley, Henri Chopin, Language Removal Services and others.

John Rivers Communications Museum
College of Charleston
58 George Street, Charleston, South Carolina


Friday April 1st, Show & Tell at Minas Gallery, Baltimore, MD
8:00pm,  donations

Bonnie Jones/ Smelling Salts Amusements / Christine Ferrera

Boîte (rhymes with kumquat) is a series of intimate performances coinciding with Hampden’s monthly first Friday celebration. This month it’s the latest edition of Show& Tell with host Lauren Bender. The evening culminates in an open mic of sorts, where audience members are welcome to present their own objects or ideas for show & tell. Come sip a glass of wine and be amazed!


Friday April 8th, The Poetry Project at St. Marks Church, NYC

Bonnie Jones / Samita Sinha

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