DECEMBER 2011 Shows


December 7th, 2011, The Kelly Writers House, Philadelphia, PA
7:00 PM in the Arts Cafe 


A participatory event with Meg Foley of Moving Parts, Bonnie Jones, Laura Neuman, Megan Bridge and Peter Price of Fidget Space

In artistic practice and production, TEXT and MOVEMENT are materials with distinct texture, history, function, possibility, charge. This evening’s program includes (five) artists, working in choreography, performance, sound and the written word. Through a variety of multimedia performance, “reading” and participatory workshop, each of these artists will lead audience members through an embodied and communal investigation of TEXT and MOVEMENT: what they are, what they do, the overlap and interstice, the way instances of each construct space, bodies, and community, the possibility of a map, the relationships we find and make.


December 2nd, 2011, Red Room, Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Video and Performance Artists


Window Projections, Eric Franklin and Bob Wagner
the hunch that caused the winning streak and fought the doldrums mightily, Stephanie Barber
Untitled, Andy Hayleck
Rui, Jorge Martins
if the atomic bomb should go off, sitting on top of the world, Heather Romney
ARP Face, M.C. Schmidt

Eric Franklin, banjo
Bonnie Jones

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