Bonnie Jones / EU 2014


March 5 – 29th
In residence, AIR Krems, Austria

March 12, 2014
Bonnie Jones & Angélica Castelló, Vienna, AU

March 19, 2014
Der blöde dritte Mittwoch
Bonnie Jones & Billy Roisz, Vienna, AU

March 24, 2014
Ljubljana, Slovenia
MoTA Point Series – Museum of Transitory Art


March 29 – April 7th
In residence, EMS Stockholm

March 29th
EMS Stockholm
Bonnie Jones & Andrea Neumann

April 9
Nick’s Bar, London
w/ Tim Albro

April 13 – April 23
In residence, q-02 Brussels

April 18
Liege, L’Anvert Series
w/ Dafne Vicente-Sandoval


April 23
q-02 Concert
w/ Dafne Vicente-Sandoval

April 24
Les Instants Chavirés
w/ Dafne Vicente-Sandoval


April 27
Cave12, Geneve
w/ Dafne Vicente-Sandoval


April 29

Platfon, Basel
w/ Dafne Vicente-Sandoval

May 2 – 4
Festival Blurred Edges
Hamburg, DE

May 5
Skolska28, Prague

May 6 – 10
Hotel Pupik, Austria
in residence with Petr Vrba

May 11
Studio Acht, Berlin

May 12
Labor Sonor
Kule, Berlin

May 14
Bludny Kamen, Ostrava, Czech Republic
w/ Andrea Neumann, Chris Cogburn, Rolando Hernandez, Dafne Vicente Sandoval

May 16

May 17
Quiet Cue

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