Mexico Tour November 2014

oaxaca weaving


October 26, 2014
TECHNE Workshop, Roma Sur
Contact mic building workshop and improvised electronic music. Open to women and offering a chance to explore electronic music and technology in art and music.


October 30 – November 3rd 2014
UMBRAL Festival
Yume, Col. Escandon, Mexico City
El Huaco, Oaxaca City
Museo Arte Contemporaneo, Oaxaca City

with musicians from Mexico, Chile, Germany, France, US


November 5, 2014
Improvisation workshop with Andrea Neumann
UVA – Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco – UNAM, Mexico City


November 8, 2014
Recording session open to public, performing two works: 

fragile being/hopefully becoming(2014) Michael Pisaro
la perpetuidad del esbozo (2011) Santiago Astaburuaga


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