Ears Back, Eyes Forward: Video Shorts from Musicians and Other Listeners

Image: still from Naomi Yang’s Furrows Again
Image: still from Naomi Yang’s Furrows Again

A video reel curated by Mike and Linda Aubry Bullock
Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia PA
February 6 – March 1

Mike and Linda Bullock

Ears Back, Eyes Forward brings together 11 artists whose video works engaged us in the past year. Most of the artists represented have strong sonic roots and branches in their highly varied outputs. Even those who may not consider themselves sound artists produced pieces with a canny ear for detail and timing. And throughout, they use sound and silence to take a listen back onto memories of communication, loss, and transition.

Featuring works by:

Malcy Duff [Edinburgh, Scotland]: Snowcone
Dina Kelberman [Baltimore, MD]: Colors Movie
Naomi Yang [Cambridge, MA]: Furrows Again (music by Richard Youngs)
Neil Young Cloaca [Turners Falls, MA]: Impractical Palynology
Seth Cluett [Montclair, NJ]: Recollection
Vic Rawlings & Jeff Silva [Easthampton & Boston, MA]: Excerpts from 215 Dead End Road
Camille Escudero [Brussels, Belgium]: Vacillements de Rétine and Selfie Board On
Mazen Kerbaj [Beirut, Lebanon]: Inkology (in four movements)
Bonnie Jones [Baltimore, MD]: Unititled (in memory of Cynthia Gray)
C. Spencer Yeh [Brooklyn, NY]: Landscapes and Subtitles
C. Spencer Yeh is represented by Electronic Arts Intermix (eai.org)

Total time: 56 min. 33 sec.

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