Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit – John Cage’s “Indeterminacy”

Sunday, December 10 at 4pm
Indeterminacy by John Cage performed by Bonnie Jones, Bill Harris, Maia Asshaq, and Jason Murphy

Admission: Free (suggested $5 donation)

DEPE Space Residency
Ben Hall: Slow an Alarm Until it’s a Tone
October 27, 2017- January 7, 2018

Drawing upon a fascinating array of references—from Ornette Coleman to punk rock back patches, Richard Pryor to the fourth chapter of Don Quixote and Kwame Ture—Ben Hall’s exhibition features a series of monoprints, free takeaway posters, videos, and paintings which explore how sound can influence and inspire radical thought. Throughout the exhibition Hall will host performances, readings, and live recording events where sound—in this case the voice of the Detroit community—is transformed into artifact through the production of vinyl records.

Ben Hall is an artist, curator, percussionist, and composer. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College and his Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University. His work has been presented at the Museum of Modern Art and Lincoln Center in New York City, at INSTAL in Glasgow, Scotland, and the kunstenentrum BELGIE in Belgium. He is a curator for, the world’s largest online Black American spiritual collection and also produces new American improvisational music on his record label brokenresearch, including the last small group recordings of visionary trumpeter and composer Bill Dixon.

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