Union Docs: Creative Field Recording Workshop

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Creative Field Recording
Friday, Mar 23 at 11:00 am – Sunday, Mar 25 at 6:00 pm
Union Docs, NYC

A three-day intensive on the theory and practice of field recording for various forms of sound design led by Zach Poff. I’ll be leading a session that will collaboratively explore the line from recording to use of recordings for composition and performance techniques with an emphasis on improvisational music approaches and performances incorporating text, visuals and other elements.

In his 1985 essay, Listening Roland Barthes wrote “Based on hearing, listening (from an anthropological point of view) is the very sense of space and of time… Noises have been the immediate raw materials of a divination; to listen is, in an institutional manner, to try to find out what is happening”

Sound has a special relationship to emotion, instinct, and memory, both individual and collective. Tapping into an ancient area of our brain, sound provides immediate information telling us where we are, if it is safe, and how we should feel about that.

This three-day intensive and immersive workshop, with lead instructor Zach Poff, will have its participants considering the path from listening, to recording, to designing sound for various project forms. Covering topics and techniques from listening to Deep Listening, soundwalks and sound recording in the field, the relationship between the soundscape and sound design, and what is carried and created on the path from recording and recordings, to sound art, performance, and design.

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