You Do (it) You(rself)

You Do (it) You(rself)
December 8, 2018
3 – 6pm

Curated by Ezra Teboul with
Hosted by the School for Poetic Computation
155 Bank St., New York, NY 10014

About the Event and Ezra Teboul are happy to present an afternoon of discussion and musical/artistic demonstrations focusing on the work of three artists: Anastasia Clarke, Bonnie Jones, and Asha Tamirisa. As a continuation of Avant’s 2016 Circuit Score program, You Do (It) You(rself) asks the following questions: How can electronic circuits and software design act as a canvas for artists to express both personal stories and wider societal concerns? What can we do with technical objects that expresses our wish to care for others and ourselves? What unique perspectives of music and engineering can be developed along the way, and how do we document these?

On their own terms, Clarke, Jones, and Tamirisa each question the power structures that underlay material cultures of electronic music. This event offers an opportunity to learn about and discuss how abstract ideals about gender, technology and access interact with sonic and physical materials in the making of time-based arts. Each artist presents some of the ways in which these ideals, mediated by their personal ideas and experiences, influence technical decisions that affect artistic results.

Event Details
This program is organized and curated by Ezra Teboul with The event is hosted by the School for Poetic Computation. This program is the second in the Circuit Scores series. The first, Electronics After David Tudor, was hosted by SFPC in April, 2016. The program features: Anastasia Clarke, Bonnie Jones, and Asha Tamirisa, who will present electronic circuit system design models, and engage in group discussion and musical improvisation.

Date: December 8, 2018
Time: 3:00-6:00 PM
Location: School for Poetic Computation. 155 Bank Street, NY, NY
Tickets: $10 donation (sliding scale), reserve a spot on eventbrite