Ryoko Akama // Bonnie Jones // Ian Power

February 23, 2020

Red Room
425 E 31st Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

A night of solos and collaborations featuring UK-based composer and performer Ryoko Akama.


She works with installations and sounds who approaches listening situations that magnify silence, time and space. Her sculptural work engages with mundane objects and invisible energies such as magnetism and gravity, employing small and fragile objects such as paper balloons and glass bottles in order to create tiny aural and visual occurrences that embody ‘almost nothing’ aesthetics. She also composes text scores and performs a diversity of alternative scores in collaboration with other artists and musicians. She co-curates ame and co-runs the independent publisher mumei publishing and melange edition. Selected installations include: the way they are (Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2019, UK), composition of happiness (Spanien19C, 2019, Denmark), kosetsu (Stedelijk Museum, 2019, Amsterdam), ploughs and harrows (Konfrontation Festival, 2018, Austria), listening with the city (Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, 2018, Germany), odds and ends (Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, 2018, Poland), loiner or (Industrial Museum of Leeds, 2018, UK), Object Migration (Avant Art Festival + Sanatorium Dź wię ku, 2017, Poland) and 1→ 5 (Uppsala Art Museum, 2016, Sweden)


I am a composer and I live in Baltimore, Md. I write a discrete, occasionally severe music that takes as its starting point the performers’ relationship to their instruments and craft, as well as their social arrangement on stage. I use clear sounds and elongated repetitions which accumulate into a space of warmth, in which both listener and performer can be made open to and hyper-aware of their environment, and themselves. Born in Rochester, N.Y. in 1984, I studied at UC San Diego and Ithaca College. I received a PhD from Harvard University under Chaya Czernowin. I am currently Assistant Professor and Director of Integrated Arts at the University of Baltimore. I attended classes and workshops at the Brevard Music Center, the Darmstadt New Music Summer Courses, and the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. I have further studied music composition with Steven Takasugi, Robert Morris, John Luther Adams, Dana Wilson, and Antoine Beuger. I occasionally write on music and perform on piano, voice, and various other found object / percussive / improvised instruments.


Baltimore-based electronic musician, member of the Red Room Collective and High Zero Foundation. https://bonnie-jones.com/