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Bonnie Jones & Tim Albro on WJCT 89.9

This is an unedited performance by noise musicians Bonnie Jones and Time Albro for “Lost in the Stacks.” The original episode aired on 1/10/2013 on WJCT 89.9, Jacksonville, FL. In addition to the performance, Tim and I chose a playlist for the show from the Jacksonville Public Library. Here’s our selections! Ma Rainey – Jealous […]

Bonnie Jones / Asimina Chremos

Collaborative performance / Bonnie Jones & Asimina Chremos November 10, 2012 Area 405, Baltimore, Maryland  This performance was a first time collaboration and included improvised dance, electronic sound played through tranducers attached to cardboard boxes, metal and plastic bowls, and live improvised writing. More information: Excerpt: