Text Videos

Dividing Exercise
Text video, silent. Source text from speeches given by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Just Out of Reach
Text video with sound. Source material is a live transcription of pop songs.

Text video, silent. Source text is a prose poem written by Bonnie Jones.

John Cage Variations VII: Tokyo, Japan

January 29th, 30th, Naya Collective, Tokyo Japan
John Cage’s Variations VII

I was asked by Adachi Tomomi to participate in John Cage’s Variations VII via audio streaming from Baltimore, MD through USTREAM. The musicians at the concert were accessing and “playing” over 30 streams from around the world.

A commercial video made for the production. It was broadcast on a big TV screen in the Shibuya Crossing. The owner of an advertising agency provided it for a low cost because he is a fan of John Cage!