Bonnie Jones / Chris Cogburn / Liz Tonne – Simple Geometry

place where trees stand in the water
Simple Geometry Records

Chris Cogburn – percussion
Bonnie Jones – electronics
Liz Tonne – voice

Cover art by Christopher Cook

Recorded live in Austin, Texas on April 25, 2009 by Ryan Edwards. Mastered by Ryan Edwards. 10″ EP (edn of 250) with lossless digital download. $15 CDN + shipping

Recorded in Austin, Texas at the 2009 Fusebox Festival, this 10″ vinyl captures the final performance of a three day collaboration between electro-acoustic trio NINA — percussionist Chris Cogburn, electronic musician Bonnie Jones and vocalist Liz Tonne.

Following the success of their initial meeting at No Idea Festival 2008, the trio assembled performing opportunities in Austin (Fusebox Festival) and Toronto (Sound Unbound Festival) to continue researching the sublime quietude, disorienting logic and intimate discord of their collective idiosyncratic poetics.