we listen, how we remember

Site specific performance and sound installation, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, 2016. 

we listen, how we remember was commissioned by the Walters Art Museum for the 3rd Floor Galleries of Migration Art, Byzantine, and Pre-Medieval objects. The piece begins with a text, a meditation on objects and their ability to hold and structure history. Various rooms of the galleries have objects acting as speakers, with samples or tones playing through the object. The sine tones or pure tones are selected to establish tritones (diminished fifths) or what during the Renaissance was referred to as the “Devil’s Interval” for is dissonant character. Careful selection and placement of samples are designed to foreground the literal museum space, for instance the sounds of industrial heating/cooling systems are played back into the space, in addition to evoking communication and connection through time by using shortwave radio samples and electronics.