we’ve all we’ve done: sounding a korean adoptee archive

Multichannel sound installation, light boards and transparency materials, Brown Arts Institute, Providence, RI, 2022

“we’ve all, we’ve done” is a multisensory, multidisciplinary, sound art installation that presents personal and historical archival materials about the Korean War and the consequences of transnational and transracial adoption. It is a story about stories and how we tell those stories. How we transform those stories so that they no longer define us within the confines of tragedy and loss.

Each moment of “we’ve all, we’ve done” holds a story. The stories emerge from interactions between the transparency materials, the light tables, the audio composition, the texts, the archive, and the bodies that manipulate the objects and reshape the texts. Making and unmaking the archive is dynamic at each point and at any given moment.

The visual and sonic materials of “we’ve all, we’ve done” invite an improvisatory “making” of and with the archive. The listener is free to move around the document tables and studio space – engaging in the work from multiple positions and perspectives. In subtle ways, the physical, practical elements of this work are designed to choreograph the listener’s experience of the physical space, inviting ways of interacting with the central orientation of the installation, bending over tables, listening, sitting, moving pages with their hands, or moving around the perimeter of the speakers. Ways of being in relation to the sonic and visual archive and interacting with other bodies in the room.