SEPTEMBER 2007 Shows

September 24th – 30th, High Zero Festival, Baltimore, MD

Thurs. 9/27
Bonnie Jones: electronics
Marina Rosenfeld: turntables, sound
Massimo Simonini: prepared theremin, objects, voice

Sat. Afternoon 9/29 –
C(8, 4) : “Eight choose four”
8!/[4!*(8-4)!] = 70 possible combinations.

Jaap Blonk: voice, electronics
Dan Breen: strings, percussion, electronics
Jeff Carey: computer, original software
Eric Franklin: strings, percussion
Thomas Helton: acoustic bass
Bonnie Jones: electronics
Donna Parker: sound
Eve Risser: prepared piano, toys, voice


‘Criminal’ by Marina Rosenfeld
Composition for 10 vocalists.

Sat. Evening 9/29 –
Audrey Chen: cello, voice, electronics
Aaron Dilloway: 8-tracks, electronics
Chiara Giovando: voice, violin, electronics
Bonnie Jones: electronics

9/14, 8:00pm, $10 general admission, $8 student, Circle of Hope, Philadelphia PA. PHONEME – Philly LIVE ARTS Festival – Quartet with Jesse Kudler, Tim Albro, Howie Stelzer.
Bowerbird Web Site
Philly LIVE ARTS Festival Web Site

9/8, 10pm, The Bank, Lombard right where it becomes Frederick Ave, West Baltimore, MD. Solo, w/ Myo, Brown Wing Overdrive (Chuck Bettis etal…)

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