PTRS @Theatre Project in Baltimore

John Barry from “City Paper” experiences “Hystery of Heat” exactly as intended – underlines are mine

“Much is said in “Hystery of Heat,” but little gets accomplished. By the end of it, the various media–musical, video–are competing with our attention, along with a PowerPoint presentation that could be taken as “An Inconvenient Truth” ratcheted up to a high pitch of hysteria.”

View a video of a previous performance of this piece

November 8-11, 15-17, A Thanatology Double-Bill featuring
Spoleum and Hystery of Heat

These two pieces both debuted in New York last year at the Ontological Hysteric Theatre, and now they finally found a fitting home for the Baltimore premier at the Theatre Project.

Hystery of Heat, featuring Ric Royer, Jackie Milad, Bonnie Jones and G Lucas Crane, is a performance lecture that navigates through a labyrinthine abyss of modern anxieties using language, movement, sound, and power point. The presentation will explain connections between global warming, rock n’ roll and mass hysteria unless the researchers fall victim to the effects of their own subjects.

Spoleum, written and directed by Daniel Allen Nelson in collaboration with Annie Kunjappy, is a play about Venice, memory and architecture. In a race to save the relics of Venice, an obsessed architect becomes submerged in the darkest mysteries of the empire’s foundation.

Tickets are $20 general admission, $15 seniors and artists:

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