NOVEMBER 2010 Shows


Reanimation Library, 7:30pm
543 Union Street, Brooklyn
Admission by Donation

A series of multiple artist performance / workshops aimed at fostering the development of performative text works, “TXT FST” provides an opportunity for writer musician artists and/or writers, musicians and artists to find ways to approach the use of the written word (or non written, or non-word) in performance.

These performances are not necessarily about poetry or song, (though we’re not trying to start a debate about terms either), but they are about the notion of “text”. Riffing on how we comprehend the use of speech, writing and the functionality of words in general, “TXT FST” aims to express the mutability of language within conundrums it may fall prey to. Conceived and curated by Kurt Gottschalk / Tamara Yadao

TXT FST beta – November 9
Aki Onda
Dust – Marie Evelyn (voice) and Kurt Gottschalk (tenor banjo)
Richard Kamerman / Paul Haney
Mētis Workshop

TXT FST charlie – November 16
Aaron Siegel – Kitty Hawk (Brother’s Tears)
Tom Swirly / Robert Hardin
Jay Rozen performs Monologue by Tom Johnson (tuba)
Mētis Workshop

TXT FST delta – November 23
Bonnie Jones
rahrahree! (Kurt Gottschalk / Tamara Yadao)
Radio Ruido
Tamara Yadao (solo)
Mētis Workshop


Richard Garet Film Still

Experimental Series:
Ideas, Process, Material

The events start at 8pm, are all free, however donations are more than welcome.
All concerts take place at The Invisible Dog Art Center 51 Bergen Street, NYC

Experimental Series consists of four evenings curated by artist Richard Garet, alternating with his audiovisual installation ELECTROCHROMA, where Garet invited some of the most exceptional artists from today’s East Coast experimental music-and-visual arts scene  to come and perform live.

Maria Chavez – Jeremy Leclair – Keiko Uenishi

Gill Arno – Zack Layton

Jesse Kudler – Ben Owen

Kamran Sadeghi – Bonnie Jones – Richard Garet