DECEMBER 2010 Shows

Richard Garet Film Still

December 10, 2010

Collaboration with Richard Garet and Wolfgang Gil
(as part of Richard’s Issue Project Residency)
Issue Project Room, @the Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Rupture: Material Landscape consists of a single video channel, presenting a moving image piece, originated from treated and processed 16mm film. Accompanying the moving image presentation Garet prepared an aleatoric sonic system based on sounds recorded from processed and modified audiocassette tapes. Garet invited as a special guest programmer and sound artist, Wolfgang Gil, to distribute in real time throughout the overhead multichannel audio system, Garet’s sonic material during the presentation of the footage. Garet also invited, as a special guest, interdisciplinary artist Bonnie Jones to contribute to the piece with live text and voices, which Wolfgang Gil will also be spatializing throughout the overhead multichannel sound system.

The sonic material for this work consists of utilizing, as a source, the sound from modified audiocassettes tapes. These tapes were submitted to processes of deterioration such as data corruption, erasing, magnetic interference, and tape feedback. The sound that resulted from these processes were played back at various speeds and methods, and then digitally recorded. Each recording from the tapes was digitally cut and spliced by making editorial decisions and erasing the non-desired sections of the recordings. All audio files vary in duration and content.

Garet’s approach to moving image examines technology, process, color, motion, digital glitches, RGB phenomena, afterimage, and the sensory responses of the eye and the mind. These methods combine analog and digital processes to treat light and image, rigorous and repetitive systems of digital corruption, degradation, and saturation. The original 16mm footage was bleached and treated by hand. Each time the film was played back through the projector it changed its structure, form, speed,  and frame rate. Also due to the film’s heavy marking, process, and ruptures, it broke several times during playback, each time adopting a different and interesting image quality. All takes were ultimately digitized and treated further for compositional purposes.

During this systematic presentation at Issue Project Room, structural reconfigurations will emerge through combining aleatoric sonic systems, text, voice, and abstract imagery together in real time by creating not only a focused listening and visual immersive experience but also sensory overloads induced by flickering light.

Warning: This work will present an intense flickering light that some might find uncomfortable. Those subject to seizures should view with caution.


Anne Waldman

December 11, 2010
@Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery, North of Houston
4-6pm, $6 admission goes to support the readers

The Segue Reading Series is made possible by the support of The Segue Foundation. For more information, please visit

Curators: Kareem Estefan & Kaegan Sparks (Oct-Nov), Thom Donovan & Sara Wintz (Dec-Jan).

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