MARCH 2012 Shows

MARCH 24, 2012

Bonnie Jones
Liz Isenberg

186 Carpenter St, Providence RI


MARCH 25, 2012
THE COINCIDENTAL HOUR, hosted by Ric Royer

9:00pm, $6
115 Empire Street, Providence, RI

The Coincidental Hour is a night of curious meetings at the crossroads of performance. It’s an unconventional cabaret hearkening back to the days when this kind of cabaret never occurred because it hadn’t happened until now. Master of ceremonies Ric Royer will be your guide through a feast/feat of daredevilish crossings of striking and uncanny artistic occurrences.

Episode 3/25/2012: “I am most likely a ghost dreamed by a dreaming ghost”

In this episode, Ric can’t believe it. None of the performers are real. Mark Baumer, Laura Brown-Lavoie, Diana Joy, Stephanie Barber, Bonnie Jones and especially Lance Romance and his band of chicken federalists: No way, they are just figments of his imagination, or worse yet, images of coolness uploaded into my memory by Scion (the car). And what the hell are all those instructional videos on how to tie knots REALLY telling us? That’s what Ric asks in this most hypnagogic Hour of Coincidence.

Show starts at 9pm

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