APRIL 2012 Shows

APRIL 20, 2012

Bonnie Jones/Kelvin Pittman
Calendonian Laughing Bags (Robert Hardin/Richard Kamerman/Khristian Weeks)
Andy Hayleck/Paul Neidhardt/Tyler Wilcox

5th Dimension, H&H Building, Baltimore, MD


APRIL 29, 2012
Harvestworks Presents: No-input Summit
Toshimaru Nakamura, Philip White, Bob Bellerue, Bonnie Jones and Phillip Stearns
6:00pm Panel, 8:00pm Concert

On Sunday, April 29, 2012, Harvestworks will produce an investigation into the phenomena of no-input, a style of sound art using internal mixer feedback to generate sound. Presentations will feature No-input icon Toshimaru Nakamura who will be joined by sound artists Philip White, Bob Bellerue, Bonnie Jones, and Phillip Stearns in a panel that will explore the limits of the sound-generating technique, it’s influence on the audience and how each artist has expanded their equipment to address stylistic concerns. The panel will be followed by a performance with special guest Gene Coleman where participants will exhibit the their idiosyncratic approaches to controlling an instrument that defies control.

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