Colony of Light 2015, Maine & New Hampshire

Now in its third year of an optimistically infinite lifetime, the provisionally utopian COLONY OF LIGHT is proud to present a two-part program of 16mm films, videos and live performance. Featuring an array of recent works from its 13-person strong membership of internationally-renowned artists, curators, and musicians, these programs converge on a radiant center via two seemingly divergent branches. In OUR (IM)MATERIAL SELVES, the physical body comes face-to-digital face with its decidedly virtual self; in HIVE VISION, the individual undergoes an alchemical transformation into collective spirit, into light and Beyond. The two sides form a third: transfiguration awaits…

The Colony of Light 2015 is Bonnie Jones, Xander Marro, Ruth Somalo, Aily Nash, Basma Alsharif, Jodie Mack, Ben Rivers, Ben Russell, Peter Burr, Fern Silva, Joshua Gen Solondz and Jonathan Schwartz

Courtesy of Basma Alsharif
Courtesy of Basma Alsharif

WEDNESDAY AUG 19 2015 8:00 PM
Now, as in the future, we all live double lives – after all, the virtual realm is no place for a rotting body. It requires an augmented form – an explicit set of controls that cannot simply be called ‘neck’ or ‘eyes.’ Virtual space exists as an inverted mirror, all specular noise and colorful decay. Things do not decompose there – they simply cease to be. “Anything is possible”, our avatars tell us. “Anything is possible”, we respond back. Hands in virtual hands, we re-vision our horizons, pull their selective threads, build a glint of utopia. Together, we project our futures back.

SATURDAY AUG 22 2015 7:30 PM
Here is the body-as-group, illuminated in the flickering light of this mythical now. Here is the Self as Hive-Core, as Collective Spirit, as Incantation given voice through the drone and hum of the masses. Here is shadow-play and dream projection, murmur and ecstatic prayer. Here is conjuring! Here is mimicry. Here is a Gathering, an assembly of costumes called bodies and skin. Oh, sure – everything is everything, but when that’s over and done we’ve still got us. And so, here is a solution: you call it “cinema” – we call it “the way forward.”

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