Weather Warlock with Quintron

Sunday September 20th, 6:30pm – dusk******
Creative Alliance, Baltimore MD
$12, $9 mbrs DOOR: $15, $12 mbrs


Join us at sunset with Weather Warlock, a heavy drone band which uses sun, wind, rain, and temperature to control a monster analog synth designed by Quintronics in New Orleans, LA. and at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in Florida. Led by New Orleans’ own Quintron (of Quintron and Miss Pussycat), the weathervane will be situated outside of the Creative Alliance for the public to view. Cabling will be run into the theater where Weather Warlock, joined by local guest musicians, will perform.

Collaborating Artsts:

From NOLA:
Martin Quintron (Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat) – Warlock Guitar/Synth Developer
Gary Wrong (WIZZARD SLEEVE) – Guitar/Electronics
Aaron Hill (EYEHATEGOD) – Drums

From Bmore:
Ami Dang (sitar & electronics)
MC Schmidt (keys)
Bonnie Jones (electronics)
+more TBA

Post Weather Warlock Performance by Baltimore’s HD Sunrise

******IMPORTANT* This performance is a SUNSET CONCERT. The Weather Warlock is a musical instrument which is played by the weather. The weather sensors are mounted to a post and detect temperature, wind, sun, and rain. This all analog synthesizer produces a wide range of tones and harmonics based around a consonant E major chord with special audio events occurring during sunrise and sunset. PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME OR YOU WILL MISS THE FUN!

About the Weather Warlock:

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