17th Annual High Zero Festival

The 17th annual High Zero Festival returns to Baltimore from September 22nd – 27th!  Over two dozen local, national and international artists and musicians converge for a week of sound installations, concerts, happenings and more.

I’ll be performing in the following sets this year:

Thursday Night, September 24th
Third Set
Bonnie Jones (electronics)
Michael Zerang (percussion)

Saturday Night, September 26th
Third Set
Nava Dunkelman (percussion)
Bonnie Jones (electronics, text)
Andrew Lafkas (bass)
Paul Neidhardt (percussion)
Irena Tomažin (voice, tapes)

Sunday Night, September 27th
Solo Set


High Zero Festival Main Concerts
September 24-27, 2015
Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD

Sound Investments: Storefront sound installations
Opening party September 22nd – Gallery hours: September 24 – 26, 2015, 2pm to 7pm
Bromo Arts District, Baltimore, MD

High Zero collaborates with Ljubljana’s Museum of Transitory Art and Sonica Festival to Present 5 amazing sound installations in 3 locations in West downtown B-more! Artists Irena Tomazin, Carrie Fucile, Martin Bricelj Baraga & Matt Spendlove, and Andrew Bernstein take feathers, fans, giant faces, wheezing robotic organs, the sound of water evaporating and dark ambient metal riffs performed by toothbrushes into the shop windows of downtown.

High Zero Artists 2015

From afar: 
Amma Ateria (electronics, inventions) San Francisco
Ben Bennett (percussion) Philadelphia
Alexandra Cárdenas (computer, live electronics) Berlin
Miha Ciglar (ultrasound, electronics) Austria
Tashi Dorji (guitar) Asheville
Nava Dunkelman (percussion) San Francisco
Heejin Jang (electronics, visuals) New York City
Andrew Lafkas (bass) Berlin
Irena Tomažin (voice, tapes) Slovenia
Bromp Treb (elect., perc., performance) Massachusetts
C. Spencer Yeh (voice, violin) New York City
Michael Zerang (percussion) Chicago
Eva Zöllner (accordian) Hamburg

From Baltimore:
Stephanie Barber (voice, projections)
Andrew Bernstein (saxophone, electronics)
Rose Hammer Burt (saxophone, reeds)
Mei Mei Chang (projections)
Bonnie Jones (electronics, text)
Caroline Marcantoni (voice, dance)
Jamal R. Moore (woodwinds, electronics)
Stewart Mostofsky (electronics, Ultra Sound)
Paul Neidhardt (percussion)
Shelly Purdy (percussion)
M.C. Schmidt (electronics, objects)
Sydney Spann (electronics, strings, voice)
Luke Stewart (electronics, bass)

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