Hanna Olivegren / M.takara H.DIAZ(Brazil) \ Robert Donne / \ Bonnie Jones + Joan Sullivan

First performance at 8:30
Suggested Donation $5
A portion of the door will go to benefit the non profit Refugee Cities
Refugee Cities
Blue Room @The Crown, Baltimore

Hanna Olivegren

MaurĂ­cio Takara & Henrique Diaz (Brazil)
Breaking the barrier of what is possible to do with twelve strings, ToTi is presenting a combination of latin rhythms, with samba, Bossa Nova, electronic music and improvisation. MaurĂ­cio Takara plays an electrify cavaquinho (traditional Brazilian small guitar) and his own creation: an electrify skateboard turned into a rhythmical instrument, while Henrique Diaz control and process a cuatro, a type of Latin America acoustic guitar.

Robert Donne from Richmond, VA

Bonnie Jones (accompanied by Joan Sullivan)

Musical interludes provided by Balagan

Followed by a possible late night dance party that may or may not involve ABBA and an international musical melange.

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