the fog (realization of yan jun score)

Solo electronics, samples, crustacés tapes, Montreal, 2019

A realization of postcards, a score by yan jun, made in collaboration with anne-f jacques for crustacés tapes. “the fog” uses radio static, and a recording of Brigitte Fontaine and the Art Ensemble of Chicago “filtered” through transducers attached to metal bowls and plates and recorded in my basement studio.

I thought about legibility and material resonance in this work. The music and radio static often activates the metal bowl’s resonant frequency and adds additional sound to the recording. The ringing bell is another periodic voice, contributing resonant tones.


Release notes from yan jun:

during 2016-2017 i have wrote some postcards to anne-f jacques of crustacés tapes, for exchanging tape releases from her label. i wrote down onomatopeia words of chinese characters to describe what i’ve been hearing during the time. i supposed she doesn’t read chinese then they would remain mysterious. later anne-f suggested me to develop them into a work for crustacés tapes. with this honor and some suggestions i made scores from them. and the title is taken directly taken from it: postcards.


released August 10, 2019
composed by yan jun

performed by nicholas bussmann, bonnie jones, zhu wenbo, torturing nurse, seijiro murayama, ryu hankil, sound of the mountain and sun wei.

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