Audio Palimpsests

Recorded audio on 6-minute looping cassette. 2015 – present

Audio Palimpsests are works created by manipulating, in live performances, a tape cassette player and a TDK EC-6M 6 minute looping cassette tape. The player is used during the performance to create playback and feedback by indiscriminately pressing the player’s controls (record, stop, forward, rewind).

Each work in this ongoing series is a six minute recombinant document of numerous live performances over the past several years where I recorded, re-recorded, and erased the sounds of audio tape feedback, myself and other musicians. The cassette is continually recording over itself every six minutes, an audio palimpsest of personal performance history.

The cassette itself becomes a site for performances of the past and for ones that never existed, and the releases document this impossible performance. 

And if I live a thousand lives I hope to remember one

Commissioned by Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics. The Art of Losing – Issue 58, October 2015. Curated by John Melillo and Johanna Skibsrud.

Exhibited: SIGHT.SOUND INTERACTION, Rosenberg Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD.

what we didn’t think and what we left instead

Commissioned for the exhibition storefront: THIS KNOWN WORLD: Spontaneous Particulars of the Poetic Research Bureau, MOCA, Los Angeles, CA.

The Great Train Robbery, Part II

Presented at VU Symposium, Park City, UT.